Off to France!



At 8:15 tomorrow morning my senses will be interrogated by the big screen, yet this is no ordinary big screen, it is one located on a ferry. “A cinema on a ferry! That’s just awesome” I blurted on discovery. France won’t seem so far away at all.

Where is the ferry heading? Yes, France. I’ll be spending a week on my stepdad’s boat with my girlfriend on the west coast of Brittany – I’m getting the feeling that blogging may become more restricted than normal! (hence the departing blog post). Nevertheless it will be a productive week of beautiful photography alongside plenty of reading and writing and walking with my girlfriend – I’ve discovered this to be a real great combination!

See you at the internet cafe.


What would you like to see the end of?


“We want you to make creative videos to the theme ‘What would you like to see the end of?'” This is the project brief set about by – a great hosting site for video contests that I’d highly recommend checking out.

END 7 (the curator and partner for the project) are aiming to help kill 7 deadly deseases by 2012 via the promotion of a special pack of pills. It definitely sounds like a worthy cause to me – here is their website END7

But, more importantly.. JOKING.. here is a link to my video entry:


Wish I Was Here

zach braff

I’m sure many of you are familiar with Zach Braff’s recent kickstarter campaign for his new movie Wish I Was Here. The campaign raised over 3 million dollars in the space of 30 days with over 46,000 individual backers. Definitely impressive figures. I backed the campiagn having been a big fan of Zach in Scrubs and his first movie Garden State, it was also a no-brainer to support considering the generous perks involved – including updates from Zach’s personal production diary on the website – Wish I Was Here Movie – for just a fiver.

However, like with all these miraculous things, there are the ‘haters’ – those who view Zach as a rich star ‘milking’ the general public for their pennies (a long and jubious debate). What I want to ask is has this campaign among others (Veronica Mars, Spike Lee) changed the face of independent crowdfunding? Have people like Zach promoted the platform and encouraged the public to flock in waves of generosity or have they furtively caused people to look away with advocated disgust? I’ve got a mixed mind state over this one, but if people want to give to the rich and famous then so be it, let’s just hope the causes stay true and desirable.

For filmmakers like us however, I can’t help but get excited about the Kickstarter revolution. It seems possible that Zach’s lovely 46,000 backers could scroll down a couple of pages and find a cosy little independent film they’d like to back. Lets be positive about this one!

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