Short of the Week: Delmer Builds a Machine

My short film of the week: Delmer Builds a Machine

From now, at the end of each week, I will aim to review my favourite short from that week and post it here.

If your a filmmaker then, please, send me your stuff, I’d love to watch it!

Delmber Builds a Machine (US, 2010), directed by Landon Zakheim, is a short and sweet film with a suprise ending. At first, we are overcome by the cuteness of the little boy building his machine. But, by the end, we are shocked and horrified before brushing it off with a laugh. Though, some religious viewers may find the film offensive, it is nonetheless “an account of the most important event in recorded history.”

Other notable mentions this week:

Ashes (Thailand, 2012) – Apichatpong Weerasthakul’s depiction of memories in this blur of intimate images.

Message Machine (US, 2002) – Azazel Jacobs directs this impactful meditation on 9/11. A string of answerphone messages allow the mind to wonder of what could never be put onto the screen.


What do you think?

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