Studying Psychology?


Psychology is nothing but a fascinating study, one which must take dedication and passion to envelop the true philosophy and science of it all. Unfortunately, I don’t quite have the stamina for it and chose film – though many would argue this subject requires a well-educated understanding of many core subjects. Film is inevitably about the world surrounding us, therefore this world must try to be understood before understanding a film – a very arguable notion but I like to throw things into the mix! Anyway, this blog post is to showcase my girlfriend’s PsycSoc (Psychology) society at the University of Leeds (a university which we both attend, by the way). It sure is a great society and one which my communications department could never challenge. Below is a video I’ve put together at crbfilms to promote the society. So, if you happen to be an undergraduate on your way to Leeds, or anyone with a commonplace interest, then check it out!

[vimeo w=540&h=340]

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