We didn’t Buy a Zoo


Sorry Benjamin Mee.

After a great family trip to Dartmoor Zoo – the very zoo belonging to Benjamin Mee and the basis for his book ‘We Bought a Zoo’ – I was inspired to go out and see the Cameron Crowe adaptation starring Matt Damon and Scarlett Johanssen. To clarify, visiting the zoo was a far better affair than watching the movie! Other, than perhaps what is an inspirational film for collapsed families, it has nothing going for it other than Scarlett Johanssen acting like a boss in her skinny jeans. The film is trying to depict everything at the same time, yet, it’s ironic as the characters give a flawless approach to being false. There is a serious theme in the movie – the death of a spouse – but the depiction of reality is a complete fantasy. The cute child is exploitated in her entirety, emotional issues are completely manipulated and the animals would be far better running off to the wild.

On a more positive note, take a look at some of my photos from the fun day out.








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