Tell-Tale is a brilliant take on the film noir genre. It’s directed by Greg Williams who is right on key with his sharp and precise storytelling. In just under 10 minutes, themes, as wide and controversial as mental illness and erotic sexuality, are explored in a thriller encompassing style. Tell-Tale casts us a wicked premise, clarifies it and then indemnifies it with an ending of mythical fashion.

Fred et Marie is a grilling short, centering around a disfigured relationship and the complexities of domestic life. From Belgian directors The Deck & Lenitch, and a highly talented cast, this is an important, excellent, but saddening film.

Solitude is less conventional in a narrative sense, but pure beauty photographically. Across vast landscapes, shot in aesthetic allure, a man searches for what we can presume is hope. The director Robin Rosser calls it “A universal feeling.”

Another story drawn around hope, The Butterfly Circus, is a highly motivational and uplifting short. Alongside high production values, the cinematography is stunning and the score inspiriting. Stick with this one, it’s an intriguing ride.

Solipsist is the work of a genius. Andrew Thomas Huang presents us with mind-boggling effects (apparently 99% practical!), a surrealist narrative and, ultimately, a masterpiece. Saving the best ’till last…


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