The Belated Upgrade


So, after paying a sore amount of money to get out of my Blackberry contract, I’ve finally made the upgrade to an iPhone (though, still a 4s). I knew the changes would be significant; after all, it seems everyone I know owns one – so, how couldn’t they be? If the iPhone was anything like the simplicity and efficiency of Apple’s MacBook Pro laptop series, then I knew I would be in for a treat. And, so it is proving to be.

I’m no phone tech savvy guy, but from what I can tell, the iPhone’s navigation system and reliability is flawless (at least, when compared with my Blackberry Curve’s habitual tendencies of dysfunction)! You never quite realize how useful the iPhone workflow really is until you have one in your hands. Everything is so easily accessible: the settings are all their, self-explanatory, and in one place, the layout couldn’t be more simplistic (in a good way) and smooth running. The phone’s apps are also seamlessly unified for constant connectivity – a massive bonus for social media addicts.

Anyway, enough of my atrocious sales pitch (I’m just an excited customer, promise), here is a list of my favourite apps so far, not including the conjoint Twitter and Facebook. Please, bear in mind I’ve only had the phone two days and that my choices will be heavily biased towards the film industry.

My top 5 iPhone apps, so far…


IMDB – The best app for everything film, tv and celeb, just as it is on the desktop. In fact, I find the app easier to navigate and overall more efficient. It’s never been simpler to find out who directed, say, Jaws or Jurassic Park.. well obviously Steven Spielberg. But, from production company info to costume designer to special effects, you can find all this out on IMDB. So, I ask you who was the costume designer on set for Jaws?


IMDB BUZZ – Like IMDB, but, for all your film, tv and celeb goss. Again, the app is a pleasure to navigate and gives you the option to follow specific people. Cleverly, the app pulls together info from websites as vast as Guardian Film, HollywoodLife and Popsugar. Also, if your feeling nosey, there’s a whole feed packed with the latest photos of all your favourite stars. A great addition to IMDB.


INDIEWIRE – A brilliant app for blog feeds (Thompson on Hollywood, CriticWire, Women and Hollywood, and many more) and updates from the world of film, specifically independent film. The app features academically integrated and well-written reviews and features, as on the website. A must have for film lovers.


SNAGFILMS – Operated by Indiewire, SnagFilms is a blessing on the film lover. The app is stashed with a vast number of indie films, from cults to classics. The database is also consistently expanding, so there’ll always be something for you to catch up on. What’s more, it’s absolutely free!


WORDPRESS – I’m sure many of you are using wordpress as we speak, I certainly am! The app has a flawless design and will meet all your wordpress needs. You can easily blog and get updates from your reader directly from the app. It’s the bloggers fantasy come true – blog wherever and whenever!


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