Short of the Week: Picnic


This was a tough decision after a week of watching way too many shorts. Some were very notable, some extremely alternative and some just a bit rubbish.

Picnic, however, really dug deep and sent chills down my spine. It’s definitely one to remember.

Spanish director Gerardo Herrero and his film crew head to the once safe and festive woods of Eastern Bosnia to shoot a visually stunning live-action short.

Beautifully lit night scenes and sweeping steadicam scenes by cinematographer Rafa Reparaz leave lasting marks, alongside the atmospheric soundtrack and perfectly paced editing.

Picnic is mostly dialogue free apart from a poetic like narration informing that “It’s been a long time since anyone played in Grebak. There was a war. And, although you don’t know it… The War changed everything.” Already we know something bad will happen in the woods, in fact, something so vivid that the family outing soon turns into a life or death situation.

Hence, the narrative appears simple, though Herrero believes his narrative tackles much grander concepts than first interpretations. It is a short that talks about living in constant war with nature, the economy and governments. He believes this story focuses on a “fear which lives and grows inside of us.”

The film is bold, it presents us with our darkest fears, it shows no mercy and fankly boasts a confident style from first time director Gerardo Herrero whose new short Acrobat is currently hitting festivals.

Watch Picnic here:


Check out the films website for extra goodies.



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