Short of the Week: Knife Point

My short film of the week: Knife Point

I’m not exactly keen on short horror films, but this film absolutely nails the genre to a pole.

There is a creepy essence throughout the film, you’re never sure which route it will take. It’s an awkward, warped type of suspense, which will leave you at ‘Knife Point’ of the malfunctioning human mind.

This film is worth your time, it has cinematic roots and a dark, moody undertone (beautifully shot by Chris Dapkins). It is slow, but anything from formulaic.

The film is directed by Carlo Mirabella-Davis who is currently working on his debut feature (more info).

I hope you enjoy it:


Other honorable mentions this week:

Cargo – Another horror film that defies popular convention. It somehow manages to put empathy and human nature into a zomblie flick – watch it online here.

Wretched – A gritty drama acting out the dark trappings of drug addiction and relationship insecurities – watch it online here.


What do you think?

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