Vimeo – A strategically friendly platform and much more…


I’m sure that many of you are aware of the video platform that goes by the name of Vimeo. More and more people are flocking to Vimeo everyday for trustworthy video hosting, not just filmmakers, but also businesses who care about how their videos stream. The definitive advantage of Vimeo being that it will automatically play your videos back in HD without having to navigate to an obscure icon which most people are completely idle to (YouTube). I used to be an avid YouTuber and couldn’t understand why anyone would want any other platform. YouTube apparently has the SEO advantage (being owned by Google helps) and most people, no doubt, head straight to YouTube to search for videos. However, Vimeo has proved incredibly efficient in terms of workflow, it’s far more user friendly in terms of set-up, uploading, networking, navigating, marketing, researching – I just find the overall aesthetic of Vimeo is far more inviting.

Aside from the above rant, Vimeo has a great creative team who care about there fellow videographers. They host specific lessons on the craft and invite members to participate in challenges, the most widely participated challenge being the Vimeo weekend challenge. The briefs are always innovative whilst being loose enough to let anyone’s imagination reign free. Of course, turning out a video in a few days is a challenge in its own right, but on those weekends where you have nothing better to do, it works perfectly. Also, note that the videos can only be up to a minute in length.

So, check out what Vimeo has to offer if you haven’t already and get your beautiful videos on the platform (of course, having them on YouTube too won’t harm your SEO)!

Below are videos I’ve made so far under the Vimeo weekend challenge briefs – these are all videos I’d never have got round to making if it weren’t for Vimeo’s initiative to get its members out shooting more content!


Hot or cold:

A certain hue:

One second shots:


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