10 Great Blogs Dedicated to Film


Here is a list of great blogs run by fellows dedicated to the divergent medium of film. Indeed, there are plenty more than the ten listed here!

I aim to try and regularly follow at least 3. Take your pick:


Self-Styled Siren – Incredibly knowledgable and funny – this woman is the best film buff friend one could ask for.


Diagonal Thoughts Mostly political and aesthetic thoughts on cinema. Incredibly insightful and discerning stuff.


The Front Row – The illustrious New Yorker critic Richard Brody writes wise notes on the cinema.


Girish – The dedicated cinephile Girish Shambu has lots of well-educated opinions. Also be sure to check out his journal LOLA.


Reverse Shot – Online independent film journal published quarterly. The journals are packed with great thoughts and critiques on the cinema.


Senses of Cinema – Another online film journal giving flourishes of insight into theoretical and philosophical debates around film studies.


Some Came Running – Regularly updated, Glenn Kenny’s film blog is full of wit and excitement for the cinema.


Cinephilia and Beyond – Surely the best blog tumblr’s ever seen. Cinephilia and Beyond is truly dedicated to studying the art of filmmaking.


The Vulgar Cinema – A team of great writers come together every fortnight to write ‘off limits’ about cinema.


j.j. murphy – film critic j.j. murphy keeps us up to date with the wonderful world of independent cinema.


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