16 Invaluable Online Resources for Filmmakers

In this new age there is endless content online for research, teaching, streaming, shopping, literally anything. I wonder, who needs school?

I always refer back to similar websites for training resources, various articles and film industry gossip. Below is a list I’ve compiled of all my favourite (top 16) resources for the independent filmmaker. These range from sites to help you get your movie made to those that fill your mind with futile trivia.



John August – Learn everything you need to know about screenwriting with John August and his team – it’s that simple!

Writer’s Room – BBC writer’s room offers lots of useful tips on the craft of writing and opportunities for aspiring writers.

Craft and Technique:


Phillip Bloom – A productive site on cinematography and filmmaking run by Phillip Bloom.

Vincent Laforet – Legendary photographer and DP Vincent Laforet shares workshops, tutorials and reviews on his highly resourceful blog.



Video Copilot – Andrew Kramer is a stunning visual effects artist who shares all his knowledge via insightful and entertaining online tutorials.

Red Giant Software – The most innovative software for filmmakers and a great community of visual artists.



Short Film Depot – A great shortcut for submitting your short film to festivals.

Festhome – Another great submission centre for shorts and features.

Film Buzz:


Indiewire – Essential for film fans. I could spend a week on this website.

Raindance – It may be a film festival, but the website is full of interesting articles and news for independent filmmakers.

Social Networks:


Stage 32 – A great networking site for film and theatre professionals. Share projects, find work and get paid!

Vimeo – The platform for good quality videos, which is largely a network of filmmakers and videographers looking to share work, get feedback and collaborate.



Shooting People – Enter monthly film competitions, find out about events and read great blogs!

My First Job in Film – A vast database for all the latest graduate jobs in the film industry and a nice place to share your work!



MUBI – Bringing you a fresh independent film each day and expert critique, MUBI is simply brilliant!

IndieRiegn – Distribute your own films and discover a world of others.

It’s official: I love the internet.


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