Film Directors make Music Videos too


I often think that music videos are a fascinating form for a filmmaker to study. They’re commonly known for sparking up controversial images (the recent case over Beyonce getting too naughty is frankly amusing). Music videos also seem to have an excuse to play with avant-garde expression, more so than films do, for reasons due to the lack of narrative expression confined by a song I suppose. This is the main reason I like music videos, they’re usually innovative with images, if not, they surely suck, no matter how melodramatic they claim to be.

However, occasionally a music video tells a great story and some storytellers (film directors) also make great music videos. It can be a way into the film industry, as it largely was for David Fincher who made a series of music videos for Madonna, before turning to give us unhappy endings (Seven). Other great examples of filmmakers who coincide their work with music videos include: John Landis, Paul Thomas Anderson, Michel Gondry and Spike Jonze – to give significant mainstream examples.

I’m interested in your take on the music video. Do you watch them for creative inspiration (photographically) or just because you like the music? I find, they can either be incredibly dull or incredibly impressive and captivating. I would love to hear your favourites, it’s an area I’ve never got around to exploring a great deal.

On this note, there are great opportunities for us indie folk to actually make music videos and enter competitions. are just one of the many online sites hosting numerous competitions with significant cash rewards! However, in this booming age, there are also plenty of musicians looking to enhance their music profile with some beautiful images, so opportunities to collaborate and make stuff are never short.

Below are a couple of music videos I recently completed for entries. To be honest, I know, at this stage, I’m not going to win the cash, but the briefs are a good incline to shooting something and getting your work seen by some respectable people.


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