Fluidity Before Sunrise


Happy holidays everyone!

Once again, I haven’t made it to the movies this week, but there are plenty of great titles out that I’d recommend seeing: All is Lost, The Wolf of Wool Street, American Hustle, Nebraska and Saving Mr. Banks.

This week has been rather beautiful for home viewing though, I say this because I watched Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise closely followed by Before Sunset. If you watch one after the after you will be left throthing with emotion and be in awe of the inborn love and delicate romance on screen.

In fact, the premise of Before Sunrise sounds utterly pants and cheesy – two individuals from other ends of the earth fall in love at first sight on their travels and have a minimal amount of time to spend together before heading back to their homeland. Yet, Linklater, with the help of Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy’s alluring and natural performances, pulls off the contrary; the film is highly engaging, fascinating and moving.

The film  shows off the longest and most fluid takes I think I’ve seen on film, with the couple wandering spontaneously along the streets of Vienna almost adjacent to real-time. Their topic of conversation is also very intellectual and philosophical raising key moralistic debates about relevant topics and approaching these with absolute confidence. Linklater himself says he “loved the way her mind worked – a constant stream of confident and intelligent ideas” in reference to the real woman he met, on whom Before Sunrise is based.

It is a beautiful film and a perfect catch for the Christmas season. Sit down with your loved one and get some tissues out the box.

Other good watches this week include Michael Hanake’s The Piano Teacher – an unusually in-depth character study of a middle-aged woman – and Ben Affleck’s directorial debut Gone Baby Gone – a classic Boston crime thriller with a slight edge. 

Watch the trailer for Before Sunrise below:


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