David Blaine – “You’re a maniac”


I quote Ricky Gervais above, one of the many celebrities to feature on David Blaine’s new TV show Real or Magic.

I’ve seen some of David Blaine’s stuff before, but this show casts a new spell on the meaning of magic. This show has stuck with me like a needle in my head (not my arm, as Blaine does with joy) ever since I watched it a few days ago on new years day.

There appears to be no logical reason behind the supernatural acts that Blaine performs, such as passing sensitivity from one body to another and sticking needles through different parts of his body with no pain or blood. Also, the fact that these acts are performed on various superstars from Will Smith to Kanye West puts the performance on a monumental scale. At one point, Harrison Ford says anxiously to Blaine, “Get out of my house.” He is truly freaked and it is an absolute thrill to watch.


I actually found myself bursting out with laughter on occasion – at the madness of the magic and the dumbfounded expressions of Blaine’s victims. One simply can’t hold back at peoples gaping jaws and popping eyes, the disbelief of the Smith family is notably hilarious. However, there is also a moment or two of delight, for example when Stephen Hawking proclaims to Blaine, “I don’t know how you did it” with a wonderful smile on his face.

I’m truly flabbergasted by this show and cannot wait for the next episode.

So, is this guy an alien, a maniac, a natural born freak, or just a very clever man? Watch the show on 4oD and let me know your thoughts!

Watch on 4oD here. 


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