The Woodsman is cunning


It’s a new year and a new year for watching lots of movies. I hope everyone’s got their new year’s resolutions cap on: open your mind to watching foreign and independent films!

The Woodsman is a thought-provoking and intelligent debut feature film from Nicole Kassell, a graduate of the NYU film school. The film stars Kevin Bacon as Walter, a pedophile. The film is remarkably confident at focusing its attention on the drama that exists inside Walter’s mind and conscience. It is a great character study and one that suggests it is not Walter who is evil, it is the pedophilia. Walter is fighting the monster inside him; it reminds me of Peter Lorre’s desperate character in Fritz Lang’s M.

Walter has just re-entered society after 12 years behind bars, he finds work as a lumberyard and is ironically put up in an apartment opposite a school playground. It is a film about this man trying to start a new life, it shows us the tiny details and a various series of emotions that Walter has to deal with. The film is written superbly by Steven Fechter and holds together convincingly. Will Walter be able to break the chain of transmission?

Watch the trailer below:


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