Fortnight Filmmaking: The Batty Bed


So, one of my new years resolutions is to make a film every fortnight, a little optimistic I realise. However, I’m off to a good start with this little slapstick experimentation I made last night.

We all love Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy etc. so why does nobody make films like them anymore?

Admitted, this is a rather feeble attempt, we dived straight into it and took little time over elaborate set designs and costume, as you’d expect in most silent films. But, it was just so much fun to make.

It was also a fun challenge to re-create the old film look. I added some scratches, grain and splotches to the film and, of course, shot monochrome in 4:3 academy ratio.

The idea of the film was to create a sense of madness in the character, with a few wild slapstick expressions. One gets the feeling that it is the bed throwing her from side to side, hence my title: The Batty Bed. 

Read into this little film as you will, but let me know your thoughts below. I’ll definitely be playing around more with this style in the near future.

Watch the film below:


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