Punch-Drunk Love – Art-House Adam


I hope that you’re all settling into the new year with sparks and cheers. From personal experience, the first week is always highly motivational followed by a second week of realisation.. oh wait it’s just another entire year with all its vast conundrums. At least, we all have the movies to settle us down. Well, in this case, it was Paul Thomas Anderson’s rather unsettling, though highly intriguing, film/masterpiece Punch-Drunk Love.

For some, it may be a rather psychologically stressing film, for others, a bag of laughs. For me, it was both. Most of all, the film is exhillirating to watch and this is primarily due to a liberating performance from Adam Sandler. It is a step away from his moronic comedies and a step into a very impressive and fresh performance. Anderson has described his film as an “art house Adam Sandler film.” It is this and another brilliant, innovative and somewhat controversial Paul Thomas Anderson film.

Sandler plays Barry, a deranged executive at a company with a product line of novelty toiletries. He has been mentally damaged by the depredations of his controlling sisters (of which he has seven). He struggles with day-to-day life, he is an incredibly anxious individual and it is intriguing to watch his mannerisms unfold. In one scene, his time bomb overticks and he smashes a whole set of glass patio doors. This guy knows how to explode. But, he also knows how to be kind and gentle, which leads to the ‘we have no idea what will happen next’ love story at play in Punch-Drunk Love. The entire film is constructed in this liberated fashion.

I will say no more about the plot and the mastery with which Anderson creates this stunning film. You must see it, if not for entertainment but food for thought, as they say.

Watch the trailer below:


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