Dallas Buyers Club – “full blown”


Regular readers will know that I usually do my film of the week each week. However, I have decided it would be more efficient and effective (for various reasons) to do this by fortnight instead. Scarily, we are already into the 7th week of 2014 and life continues to feel like it is running ahead of time. One of the most frustrating things about a lack of time, is not being able to write or watch enough movies to satisfy my senses. Writing is a great way to express ourselves and let loose a little, some like to scream, others like to fight and some like to write. And, watching movies is just a great way to reflect on everything and anything, and, in effect, catch up or even be transported ahead of time.

But, I clearly digress. Awards season! It is now full flow with the Oscars only a few weeks away, and the BAFTA’s this Sunday. Don’t miss out. Though, unfortunately, half the films nominated are only just becoming available here in the UK. The joys. One of those films, Dallas Buyers Club, I had the pleasure of seeing last week. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this film and I am still not exactly sure what I think of it, but what I am certain is that Matthew McConaughey’s performance deserves great respect and admiration. Any doubts of him as a truly impressive actor should be thrown off the prescription; I wouldn’t be surprised to see him take home an Oscar alongside his Golden Globe for best actor in a drama.

And a drama it surely is, with McConaughey’s character Ron Woodruff prancing about like a scandal before being diagnosed with “full blown” AIDS. His journey to overcome this diagnosis is what makes this film so remarkable; his character fights with enormous passion and determination to turn his life around and the lives of thousands of others. Woodruff is a skinny, tiresome and dopey character, McConaughey shed 38 pounds and it shows, one is reminded of Christian Bale’s frightening bodily transition in Brad Anderson’s The Machinist. A stand of ovation for the man.

Jean-Marc Vallée directs the picture following the success off the back of his critically acclaimed Café de Flore in 2012 and The Young Victoria in 2009. Vallée works odysseys of magical proportions, his characters are mystical in their ways yet frighteningly grounded with realistic human behaviour. He is a director to definitely watch out for, and no doubt he has plenty more breath-taking dramas waiting to elope the screen.

Watch the trailer below:


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