Short Reflections from the Silver Screen – The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas



UK, 2008. Directed by Mark Herman.

What struck me about this film was the sheer innocence of these two boys, I felt their big wide eyes gaze into my soul for the answers. The answers are explored between the two boys as their relationship tenderly develops. Therefore, this film becomes a striking account of two eight-year old boys looking for a sustainable relationship, they just happen to be severely hindered by the Nazi state.

Furthermore, this film is a family drama. Justice is served and the family is torn apart. But, surely the Father, a Nazi officer, is in charge of all guilt. The mother appears to be innocent to what is happening beyond the garden fence. In fact, it is the young daughter who is most aligned with the Nazi state.

We see everything through the eyes of the young boy, until the implosion of the final act. Such a film serves as an eye-opener, not for the holocaust and WWII, but for the innocence and the sweet sense and smell of childhood.


*All reflections are from my film journal


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