Short Reflections from the Silver Screen – Erin Brockovich


US, 2000. Directed by Steven Soderbergh

Julia Roberts is glamorised in an aura of beauty and brutality. She is marvellous and wicked. From rags to riches, this is a tale of how one woman fights through the poverty beckoned upon her and finds her feet in a job she does best.

However, she is not all honest and fair-minded, she is out for revenge. She uses people in her path to self-serve her success. Should this be the route to success? Probably not, but for Erin, she has no choice; at least this is what she tells herself.

Based on a true story of Erin and her grand lawsuit, the film withstands a marvellous depiction of events. I am not a lawyer, but the film feeds a sustainable amount of knowledge to make this a thrilling ride for the most levelheaded. A remarkable script by Susannah Grant and elusive yet concise direction by Steven Soderbergh make this a valuable ride.


*All reflections are from my film journal.


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