Short Reflections from the Silver Screen – Song for Marion


UK, 2012. Directed by Paul Andrew Williams

Terence Stamp plays a grumpy old man who is struggling to come to terms with his long-term partners illness. Vanessa Redgrave plays his charming partner who has been diagnosed with cancer, but she still makes a great effort to go and sing with her quirky choir, all are of a similar age and have their own ingenuity about them.

One can easily guess what emotions to expect from such a story, but Paul Andrew Williams digs deeper and gives a heartfelt soul to his characters. This is balanced with moments of light humour to give the audience a smile even though there may simultaneously be tears running down their cheeks.

After Redgrave, somewhat unpredictably, passes away only half-way through the film, the story focuses all its attention onto Stamp’s character as he overcomes mourning and battles to open his arms up to what’s left of life.

Though some moments felt needless and Stamp’s character overtly irritable, the film explores some very deep emotions and shines forth how important love is to the meaning of life.


*All reflections are from my film journal.


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