Short Reflections from the Silver Screen: The Perks of Being a Wallflower


The Perks of Being a Wallflower

US. 2012. Stephen Chbosky.

A first glance this film appears to fall under the not so well regarded bracket of an adolescent high-school movie. But, it becomes so much more than this. Yes, there is sex, drugs, parties and loud music, but these are all necessary steps in the life of our introvert protagonist whose most sacred lesson is on friendship, love and hope.

Fundamentally, it is this characters tremendous journey that is so special. Logan Lerman, who gives a terrific performance, plays the sensitive and reticent freshman. He finds out who he really is, unlike the overtly popular high school kids, and learns to accept himself.

The rest of the casting is also perfectly in sync. Our freshman meets two non-conformist older kids who befriend him and rescue him from a layer of his deep insecurity and depression beckoned from a past tragedy. These two are played by Ezra Miller and Emma Watson who meld a complex trait of characteristics.

There are many more spells and charms in this movie, and despite it being centered on high-schoolers, it is certainly fun for all the family with more meaning than one.


*All reflections are from my film journal.


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