CINEMA THINKS – Cinema and the Philosophical Project of Alain Badiou.

“There is something interesting in cinema because we cannot reduce it to a conceptual definition.” The above quote from renowned contemporary philosopher Alain Badiou opens up a world of theoretical enquiry into cinema as an art form and where it might be heading. However, as always, targeting the specifics of this interesting ‘something’ is not […]

François Ozon continues to pump life into his work – ‘The New Girlfriend’ is full of that special ingredient

Director: François Ozon Original Title: Une nouvelle amie Country of Production: France There is no definition of sexuality than can be exposed as essentially true. There is always the taste of new beginnings alongside the creation of something novel in François Ozon’s take on life. The New Girlfriend can appear as courageously outlandish at first […]

Kelly Reichardt meets Richard Linklater in Harry Macqueen’s blessed debut ‘Hinterland’

Director: Harry Macqueen Original Title: Hinterland Country of Production: United Kingdom British ultra-low budget independent film is firmly back on the map with a stroke of the near impossible landing itself on big screens across the country. The stroke of this impossibility is achieving what Harry Macqueen has just shown by producing, writing, directing and […]

Love – joyous, playful, tearful, fearful and deeply melancholic filmmaking

Director: Gaspar Noé Original Title: Love Country of Production: France The first thing to note about this film is its 3D format. I hate 3D. However, I am biased towards my distaste due to 3D’s primary association with blockbuster spectacles, but after witnessing a burning love story on the 3D plane, I can only succumb […]

Koza – A Slovakian Treasure at EIFF 2015

Director: Ivan Ostrochovský Original Title: Koza Country of Production: Slovakia, Czech Republic Boxing films are often about victory, motivation and grandeur, but Koza rather takes us on a prosaic journey of life’s miseries, challenges and defeats. This far more realistic approach allows for something very special to be captured by Ivan Ostrochovský’s first narrative feature […]