Hello there,

Charlie Bury is now a man. But he got his first taste for film when, just a boy, he watched Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho at school and later decided to emulate the scene with refectory ketchup, his schoolmaster’s mini DV camera, and his soon-to-be ex-girlfriend’s anxious disposition. The film was not a success so he decided to further his career instead.

He preferred his pen and began writing on culture and the arts for sites including The Upcoming in London and Way Too Indie in the States, later graduating with a BA in Cinema and Photography from the University of Leeds in ye olde North of England. Meanwhile, he developed some practical habits by working on productions including ITV’s Emmerdale and BBC’s Hinterland. Independently, he also produced and directed a vast number of commercials for local charities, unions and arts organisations, such as Leeds Tidal, Unite the Union, Masergy Communications, Opera North and the English National Ballet.

After spending ten nights in his car during the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival and meeting the ambitious and talented individuals running the film industry, he decided that he had finally found a place for outsiders: the International Film Business. He noticed the need for a market-led approach to filmmaking, especially during a time when supply is so high and yet the demand is the most fragmented it has ever been. He has since worked for Bankside Films in finance and international sales.

Certainly this is a time of great opportunity and innovation in the entertainment business. But still, Charlie prefers to write. And this blog is designed to talk about the things he wishes blogs would talk about more often: life, death, cinema, truth, philosophy and humility. And be it in a thoughtful and practical way.

If you have something to say, something iconoclastic, or at least if you just want to share a snap of your sugar doughnut, get in touch now.


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