The craft of Cinema.

Tom Van Avarmaet – Writer/Director (Death of a Shadow)

Patrick Chapman – Artist/Director (Phin, ToY)

San Choroenchai – Graphics Designer/Animator (Google, Flickr, Travel Channel)

Carlo-Mirabella Davis – Writer/Director (Knife Point, The Swell Season)

Mark Day – Editor (Harry Potter x4, The Company You Keep, About Time)

Jonnie Dean – Writer/Director (Disenchanted)

Vincent Grashaw – Writer/Director (Coldwater)

Si Horrocks – Writer/Director (Third Contact)

Michael Knowles – Writer/Director/Actor (Room 314, One Night, The Trouble with Bliss)

Mark Tapio Kines – Writer/Director (Foreign Correspondents, Claustrophobia)

Victoria Mather – Designer/Director (Stanley Pickle)

Carlos Puertolas & Rani Naamani – Writer/Director duo (Too Late, Call Back)

Jim Ojala – Director/FX Make-up (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, X Men: The Last Stand)

Neil Oseman – Director/Cinematographer (Soul Searcher, Stop/Eject)

Maria Reinup – Writer/Director (Mai, Mann Tanzt)

Robin Schmidt – Writer/Director (Please Hold, After Death)

Kevin Slack – Writer/Director (The Drought)

Jonathan Sothcott – CEO/Producer (Devil’s Playground, Stalker, Vendetta)

Ewan Stewart – Writer/Director (Getting On)

Simon Wharf – Writer/Director (Pussy Cat)

If you are an artist who has something non-contemptuous to say – contact.




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