You may be wise to read this short biography before contacting me —

When Charlie was a small boy, like most, he watched Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho during detention and later decided to emulate the scene with refectory ketchup, his schoolmaster’s mini DV camera, and his brothers’ friends dormitory. The film was not a success. He then decided to complete school and write on culture and the arts for websites, all around the world, later graduating from the University of Leeds with a BA in Cinema & Photography. Meanwhile, he developed a few practical habits by commissioning his own media productions for Opera North and other failing UK art institutions. These were not a success either.

After spending ten back crunching nights in his car during the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival, meeting many desperately ambitious filmmakers, and a few more important ones, he decided to join in with this marvelous club for outsiders: the International Film Business. Noticing the need for an audience-driven approach to Film Making – after experiencing the ghostliness of empty auditoriums – Charlie has since moved to London and now focuses on how to develop, market, sell, and finance films.

Engaging in thought across broadening landscapes and different art forms is also very important; digging up cultural wells that speak to different genres of cinema. This blog is Charlie’s digital space to have meaningful discussions, and to indulge beyond film, to talk about oceanic emotions and existential problems, to human psychology, painting, drawing, love-making, love, music, books… etc. (of course, of which all topics should be present in a good motion picture).


“Pay no attention to what the critics say. A statue has never been erected in honour of a critic” – Jean Sibelius


What do you think?

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