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Tag: Charlie Bury

The Call – Should you take it?

Probably not… Brad Anderson’s The Call is a cluttered B-thriller with a tight clasp, but very little personality. Anderson’s The Machinist was an incredible divergence into the mind of the insomniac male (executed to sincere perfection by Christian Bale). It was a chilling ride, one that continued out of the cinema door and infiltrated your dreams. However, with Anderson’s The Call, we are sent on an intense and suspenseful adventure, only to be gatecrashed of everything fresh and intriguing in the third act. The Call takes us into the high-stakes… Read more The Call – Should you take it?

Anamnesis – The ability to hold in the mind

Anamnesis basically means being able to hold memories in ones mind – it is the definition of memory. This film however is a metaphor for the inability of anamnesis – it is a metaphor for distorted memories. My intention of this mini project was to explore memories via the medium of film. In this case, the staggered edits suggest remembrance is mislaid and the cycle of motion in the camera advocates that amnesia is boundless. Our memories are, no doubt, a monotonous foundation of deterioration. In simpler terms, this short… Read more Anamnesis – The ability to hold in the mind