The Business of Showreels

It’s been a long year and I’ve finally got round to making myself a showreel to showcase all the fun and hard work. I’ve never a cut a showreel before, but it was interesting delving back through my past projects and realising a. how much time they took and b. how rubbish they look to my unforgiving eye.

I’ve come across numerous sites that ask for a showreel (Stage32, IdeasTap, MFJIF, to name a few), however it always seemed simpler just to link previous examples of work. Of course, no one (except from the non-existent avid fan) is going to troll through all your videos and seek out why you’re good at what you do. So, yes, showreels are a great way to slosh this all together in the neatest form possible.

But! After chopping up all my work and putting it into a wonderful montage, I somehow find that it begins to look not so wonderful, but rather peculiar. From a fish, to a garden, to a river, to a church, the juxtaposition of content may be a little overboard for the casual viewer. You try to make the images sync in some metaphoric or technical way, though what it boils down to is a feast from Vsevolod Pudovkin’s table. The montage begins to look and feel like a piece in itself, if done well. This wasn’t my primary goal however, I just fancied someone being able to capture an overview of my content without the drool. Though, if you feel that my edit passes at standing as a sufficient piece of work in itself, and something that can be viewed with meaning, then please do let me know how and why!

Next, I decided to check up on the most beneficial places to host your showreel. I believe this just depends on what social networks you use and where your social capital lies. I’ve narrowed down a top 5: Vimeo (because anyone who cares about moving-images should use it), Shooting People (because it’s truly wonderful for filmmakers), Stage32 (likewise), IdeasTap (it’s growing on me) and CreativeCOW (it hosts some great showreels). NOT Youtube.

I have wholly focused on showreels for filmmakers/videographers in this blog post, however I’ve spent the last few days watching an almighty number of actor showreels (in preparation for casting a short film). Some are almightily amusing and others intensely impressive. I guess the method for actors making showreels lies in the same vain as filmmakers and any artist alike. It seems that everyone is trying to get a showreel out there, even if it does contain shaky footage of the backyard. However, the range of showreels on the web, the diversity and sheer mass of talent is certainly something to welcome with open arms. Calling all editors: there’s got to be a gap in the market for editing showreels, in particular actors who probably won’t have editing skills themselves.

Anyway, enough talking about showreels. Oh wait… do you call them demo reels? Is it spelt as one word? Meh…

Below are mine if you like rapidly spliced videos.

My Directing Showreel:

My company – CRB Films Showreel:

A Psychological Warfare


My new short film takes us on a delrious girls journey alongside her fracturde mind. She has distorted vision and perspective on her actions caused by drug addiction, but also due to a lack of love and well-being. This lends part of the film to having surrealist qualities.

She is nestled in the detached basement of an upper class home, but she soon comes to realise that this home is all too familiar. The themes raised are far beyond that of addiction and paranoia, but more about family status and equality.

I shot the film single-handed with my lovely actress, who also did the make-up and set design. Thank you to Toby Archer for creating a perfectly abstruse score and to my brother, Tom Bury, for his wonderful piano skills.

Watch the film for free below:

Anamnesis – The ability to hold in the mind

Anamnesis basically means being able to hold memories in ones mind – it is the definition of memory. This film however is a metaphor for the inability of anamnesis – it is a metaphor for distorted memories.

My intention of this mini project was to explore memories via the medium of film. In this case, the staggered edits suggest remembrance is mislaid and the cycle of motion in the camera advocates that amnesia is boundless. Our memories are, no doubt, a monotonous foundation of deterioration.

In simpler terms, this short film attempts to showcase, in a lucidly abstract form, what existence might be like for someone with Alzheimer’s disease.

Alternatively, the film can be interpreted as representing a facile dream state, which is being played on rotation.

You might be wondering what or who my influences are for this project. These influences are simply embedded in the boundless abilities of the camera and this cosmic medium we call film. However, I could cite filmmakers: Stan Brakhage, Kenneth Anger and David Lynch as being influential players. Besides this, I also have a strong interest in mental health and it’s complexity – in this respect psychology correlates to the medium of film. So, expect more experimentally driven treats from me in the future.

Watch the film below:

Don’t miss my other work: my films.

The Beauty of our Earth

Peak District

I recently entered another music video contest on – My video focuses on the indigenous beauty of our vast landscapes and natures wondrous elements whilst implementing the track Moonchild by M83 – well this was the aim!

The footage (and photo ©crbphotography) was shot around the Peak District with a few bits taken of the ocean elsewhere.

Relax and enjoy.

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