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Tag: short film

About Sons – compelling drama in short form

I was recently trawling the internet for bold, young and new film directors, as one does with their Saturday night, and came across an incredible film by a guy named Shady El-Hamus. The film is daring, stuffed with subtext and highly innovative. I felt as if I was watching the work of someone who had been working on their style for 20 years or so. The film reaches a depth of drama/conflict that is ever so rare for a short film and yet, it still manages to clarify any ambiguities or… Read more About Sons – compelling drama in short form

This short film from Sundance puts you at KNIFE POINT

I’m not usually keen on short horror films, but this film absolutely nails the genre to a pole. There is a creepy presence throughout the film, you’re never sure what’s going to happen next. It’s an awkward, warped type of suspense, which will leave you at a knife’s edge where insanity looms. This film is worth your time, it has cinematic roots and a dark, moody undertone (beautifully shot by Chris Dapkins). It is slow, but anything from formulaic. The film is directed by Carlo Mirabella-Davis who is currently working on… Read more This short film from Sundance puts you at KNIFE POINT

Anamnesis – The ability to hold in the mind

Anamnesis basically means being able to hold memories in ones mind – it is the definition of memory. This film however is a metaphor for the inability of anamnesis – it is a metaphor for distorted memories. My intention of this mini project was to explore memories via the medium of film. In this case, the staggered edits suggest remembrance is mislaid and the cycle of motion in the camera advocates that amnesia is boundless. Our memories are, no doubt, a monotonous foundation of deterioration. In simpler terms, this short… Read more Anamnesis – The ability to hold in the mind


Tell-Tale is a brilliant take on the film noir genre. It’s directed by Greg Williams who is right on key with his sharp and precise storytelling. In just under 10 minutes, themes, as wide and controversial as mental illness and erotic sexuality, are explored in a thriller encompassing style. Tell-Tale casts us a wicked premise, clarifies it and then indemnifies it with an ending of mythical fashion. Fred et Marie is a grilling short, centering around a disfigured relationship and the complexities of domestic life. From Belgian directors The Deck &… Read more FIVE GREAT SHORTS